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TimberTracks™ is a management tool to help logging contractors in the forest sector run sustainable businesses. Productivity and cost data is collected and aggregated to produce in depth analysis of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and benchmarking to industry performance. TimberTracks™ improves production efficiency and increases profitability.


Blocks is the foundation of harvesting productivity. Block attributes are collected and analyzed by TimberTracks™ to measure productivity, cost, and benchmark performance to the industry.


Roads measures types of road construction to compare similar industry construction criteria. Road systems are detailed into sections that reflect the variability of construction. Job costing and productivity metrics are produced and compared to industry performance in similar situations.

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Equipment is the key to TimberTracks™ cost analysis. Ownership and operating costs are collected and aggregated to establish your individual and industry average hourly equipment costs. Direct cost and all-found rates can be used to measure performance.

TimberTracks™ Time is a key performance tool that builds best practices in your business for daily success. It’s an electronic timecard system for contractors and their employees. Timecards are recorded collecting all the right information – date, start/end time, project, equipment operated, hours – and submit electronically. Supervisors can review and approve/reject. Approved timecards are available immediately for payroll.

Timecards can be created using a modern browser on any computer or download one of our free mobile applications for Apple iOS or Google Android devices and add the flexibility of creating and reviewing timecards even when disconnected. When the mobile device connects to the internet, timecards are immediately synchronized to TimberTracks™.

Our analysis shows that using TimberTracks™ Time can save a contractor over $1,300.00 per employee per year from more accurate time records!


You own and control your data, and exclusively control who sees it. Data is only presented in aggregate and no other subscribers can view your your company data.


We take data security very seriously at TimberTracks™. We use only the highest form of 256-bit SSL technology to make sure your data stays secure and confidential.

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Reports is the high-value portion of TimberTracks™. Using data collected through Blocks, Roads, Equipment, Overhead, and Time, Reports provides subscribers the flexibility to analyze their data to gain deep insight into how their business stacks up and opportunities for improvement.

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TimberTracks™ is an annual subscription paid monthly calculated on the size of your business. Payment is collected using convenient Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) so you never miss a payment.

Small Business*

  • Annual Revenue < $7M
  • Setup Fee $2,995

Mid-Sized Business*

  • Annual Revenue $7M – $11M
  • Setup Fee $3,995

Large Business*

  • Annual Revenue > $11M
  • Setup Fee $4,995

*Includes: TimberTracks™ Blocks, Roads, Equipment, Time, Unlimited Queries, Remote Training, and Validation Audits. All future updates and new features are also included while an active subscriber.

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