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TimberTracks™ is a web-based data collection program that validates and audits data from contractors and aggregate statistics to provide standardized hourly equipment costs and operating conditions that affect productivity. TimberTracks™ produces actionable insights that allow historical performance to be benchmarked to industry norms, performance gaps to be identified, and future scope of costs to be forecasted.


Blocks is the foundation of harvesting productivity data collection. Contractors input the block attributes, their productive ‘Hours by Phase’, and upload source documents.


Roads is the foundation of road construction productivity data collection. This section tracks essential metrics for all road building projects underway.

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Equipment is the basis for direct cost considerations and incorporates ownership, operating costs, and wages costs.


You own and control your data, and exclusively control who sees it. Data is only presented in aggregate and no other subscribers can view your your individual data.


We take data security very seriously at TimberTracks™. We use only the highest form of 256-bit SSL technology to make sure your data stays secure and confidential.

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TimberTracks™ Time is a daily tool used by contractors to collect worker timecards in an electronic manner for payroll purposes. This stand-alone app communicates flawlessly with TimberTracks™.


Reports is the high-value portion of TimberTracks™. Using data collected through Blocks, Roads, Equipment, Overhead, and Time, Reports provides subscribers the flexibility to run a query using multiple fields to narrow results to generate reports that are near to the subscriber’s requirements.

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Small Business*

  • Annual Revenue < $7M
  • Setup Fee $2,995

Mid-Sized Business*

  • Annual Revenue $7M – $11M
  • Setup Fee $3,995

Large Business*

  • Annual Revenue > $11M
  • Setup Fee $4,995

*Includes: TimberTracks™ Blocks, Roads, Equipment, TimeTracks™, Unlimited Queries, Remote Training, Validation Audits, Annual TimberTracks™ Certification.
Not Included: Data entry and advisory services.

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