It has been some time since our last TimberTracks™ blog post. It’s not because we have not been here. It has been because we have been very busy on new software development. In April we launched TimberTracks 2.0 which enhances our Blocks, Roads, and Equipment interfaces. It also allowed us to fully implement TimberTracks™ Time, our electronic time card system.

TimberTracks™ Time is the first cloud based electronic time card application for forest sector businesses in British Columbia. Employees can create, supervisors can approve, and payroll can get access to time cards all electronically.

In late June, we launched mobile device applications for TimberTracks™ Time. The mobile applications allow employees to create and submit time cards even when not connected. Once the device connects to the internet, the submitted time cards are synchronized with our server. Supervisors can review and approve/reject employee time cards when not connected and the changes will synchronize when the supervisor’s device is connected.

The mobile applications are available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and for Android devices.


Watch our demo videos for Creating Employee Time Cards and Reviewing and Approving Employee Time Cards.