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! Release Notes

Version 0.2.1

Only display “active” projects in timecard project dropdowns.

Version 2.9


  • Fixed comment section to default to “General Comments” category. Category can still be changed by user.
  • Reports general bug cleanup.


  • User that becomes “Inactive” for a given company can now create a new TimberTracks account with a different company.
  • Merged user “Terminated” status with “Inactive” which allows a terminated user account to be reactivated in the future, if necessary.


  • Various usability and visual bug fixes throughout

User Impact

  • No major design or interface changes
  • Primarily usability improvements


Version 2.8


  • Added functionality for the app to “remember” filter settings when users navigate between pages. This includes: ordering of items, number of records, query filters, etc.


  • Phase-specific production hours will now automatically imported from approved time cards directly into the productivity section of a given project.


  • Time card comments added to the Time Card Detail report.


  • Various usability and visual bug fixes throughout

User Impact

  • No major design or interface changes
  • Primarily usability improvements and bug fixes


Version 2.5


  • Added ‘Customer’ as a query option


  • Include the filters applied to time cards list page to the reports being generated
  • Added an ‘Add Timecard’ button to Dashboard
  • Added functionality to delete rejected time cards, as well as a confirmation message when trying to delete a timecard
  • Added logic so that rejected time cards cannot be resubmitted without changes


  • Various usability and visual bug fixes throughout

User Impact

  • No major design or interface changes
  • Primarily usability improvements


General Questions

TimberTracks™ was built from the ground up for British Columbia logging, however we can adapt TimberTracks™ and develop versions specific to other regions. Please contact us for details.

Yes. The TimberTracks™ database is cloud based using multiple redundant servers and access points to protect the data and maximize access even if there are internet interruptions.

TimberTracks™ is secured through 256-bit encryption technology that encrypts communications between your web browser and the server using SSL (Sector Socket Layer) technology.

TimberTracks™ is hosted in the cloud on redundant servers located in various places in North America.

Once you have provided us your data, we will keep it in TimberTracks™ for the long term benefit of the industry.

You own your data. As a subscriber, you provide TimberTracks™ only with a perpetual license to store your data and report it in aggregate form to other subscribers or third-parties.

No, The TimberTracks™ fee and data collected is based on your data and information.

TimberTracks™ collects data from various contractors in various forms. The data is incorporated into TimberTracks™ to a common format for easier comparison.

TimberTracks™ conducts validation comparisons of entered data to ensure it fits achievable performance and conducts random field audits of contractor data to ensure it matches what actually occurred.

TimberTracks™ regularly undergoes a third-party Specified Procedures Audit by an independent major accounting firm to provide assurances that our procedures are followed and subscribers can rely on TimberTracks™ as a source of real data.

TimberTracks™ collects data from actual contractor experiences in productivity (logging, hauling, and road construction) and costs (equipment, logging trucks, overheads) to assist contractors and their customers in understanding the industry norms for similar types of work and operating conditions.

TimberTracks™ is not a cost centre for your business. It identifies opportunities to improve management of your business that lead to improved profitability.

Existing TimberTracks™ subscribers have been able to achieve annual returns on investment of up to 2,400% through identification of efficiency issues compared to industry and their ability to present factual variation rationales in rates paid by their customers.

We cannot guarantee that past results can be duplicated or will be achieved by all subscribers. We do know that subscribers that actively use TimberTracks™ to manage their business generally experience improvements in profitability.

TimberTracks™ was designed for use in British Columbia. Both coastal and interior versions were built from the ground up to capture only the important data applicable to that region. Coastal data is kept separate and distinct from interior data and is not shared. Coastal reports only include coastal data while interior reports only include interior data.

No. Only you and TimberTracks™ administrators can see your specific company information. Other subscribers will only be able to view aggregate reports that may or may not include your specific information based on the fields they select in a query. Even if your data shows up in a subscriber query, it will only be displayed in aggregated, non-identifiable form.

TimberTracks Time Questions

The short answer is yes. TimberTracks™ Time has a phase for mechanics where they can record the phase and the equipment they worked on and their hours associated with that equipment.

The Phase Manager in TimberTracks™ Time allows a Contractor user account to create as many or as few phases as is necessary for that subscriber’s business. Need a mechanic and a mechanic helper phase? No problem. Just create another mechanic phase and create a name that works for your business.

TimberTracks™ Time has three subscriber user accounts – Contractor, Supervisor, and Employee.

Employee User – Employee user accounts have access only to their own timecards. They can create and submit their own timecards only. They are unable to run reports or see timecards from any other user accounts.

Supervisor User – Supervisor user accounts have access to submitted employee timecards that have them listed as the supervisor to review and approve/reject. They can also create and submit their own timecards. They are unable to run reports or see timecards other than those submitted to them and their own.

Contractor User – Contractor user accounts is able to review and approve/reject all submitted timecards for that subscriber. They can also create and submit their own timecards for approval. Contractor user accounts can also run reports whether for payroll or management purposes. It is the only subscriber account able to create or terminate accounts for a subscriber. Contractor user accounts set, and can later change, the user account type when creating other user accounts. For example, if an employee becomes a supervisor, the Employee user account can be changed to a Supervisor user account by a Contractor user account.

Subscribers can have as many accounts of each type as they want. Most subscribers have the key administration staff involved in payroll and management reporting and business owners set up with Contractor user accounts with several Supervisor user accounts based on company size and all remaining staff having Employee user accounts.

TimberTracks Time is available as a web app through any modern browser or as a standalone app available for iOS or Android mobile operating systems. The mobile apps enable electronic timecard creation even while not connected and then synchronize with the server when the device connects to the internet.

Yes, TimberTracks Time is available for iPhones and iPads in the Apple App Store and for Samsung or other Android operating system mobile devices in the Google Play Store.


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